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tv   France 24 AM News  LINKTV  August 28, 2014 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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>> from prime minister to erdewan is set to be sworn in in turkey. the president of ukraine has canceled a trip to turkey saying that there has been a russian invasion of his country. the french president said bashar ally in is no per -- the fight against isis. he says he is a jihadist ally.
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also this hour, tony parker may be the face of basketball here in france, but he is set to sit .ut to sit the world cup keepinghful are still the faith. pope francis welcomes in the nicaraguan priest back into the fold. the oath of office for the first popularly elected president of turkey, recep tayyip erdogan.
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up until now, the presidency has symbolic role. that is something that he has been trying to change. much controversy surrounding his election. it is still resident today. he has just arrived at the parliament for his swearing in ceremony. he was welcomed by the parliamentary speaker, who is now introducing and beginning the ceremony inside the parliament. the controversy today is that of leader of the opposition the people's republican party said that erdogan violated the constitution by failing to resign after the presidential
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election on august 10 area for that reason, you will boycott the swearing in ceremony. you can see many members of that party have boycotted it as well. laid a very strange game after he won the presidential election. , he has to prepare himself for the neutrality of the presidency. not resign. he remained prime minister and continued to lead the party until yesterday. "the official gazette" did not publish the results of the election. that was very suspicious. that heitable view is wanted to retain control of the party and choose his successor
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as prime minister, which he did. and uncharitable view is that if he resigned as prime minister and become an ordinary citizen for two weeks, not benefiting from parliamentary immunity, he could have been arrested for corruption. in another brick for tradition, he is looking to change the role of the presidency in turkey. wants to upgrade the presidency to an executive to do that, read his party has to win next year's and when twojune thirds of the parliament. the necessaryve two thirds to change the constitution.
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the prime minister, the outgoing foreign minister, does not have anything like the vote drawing power of erdogan. he is not a politician, he is a professor of international relations. it is suspected that erdogan next year.l campaign the opposition has said it will challenge him in the constitutional court. the constitution says the president must be neutral. turkey could be in for some turbulence. >> thank you so much. the ukrainian president petro poroshenko says he is canceling whatk trip to turkey over he has called a russian invasion of his country. it comes as the u.s. ambassador to ukraine has accused russian troops of being directly
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involved in fighting in eastern ukraine. the ambassador sent that message up a twitter. he said a growing number of troops are intervening directly in ukraine. william hildebrand has more on the fighting. . people kept their differences with the fighting intensifying morecent days are written fighting and more shelling in donetsk. rebels areved that trying to open up a new front. some western officials fear rebels are trying to establish the core door between donetsk and russia. they may even try to link crimea to russia.
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>> towns are being shelled by russian and terrorist positions. sending troopsd into ukraine, but there is mounting proof. these incursions indicate a russian directed counteroffensive. we are concerned by the russian government's unwillingness to tell the truth even as the soldiers are found 30 miles inside ukraine. fears ukraine is losing the war in the east has reached the capital.
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a volunteer commander said his troops were abandoned and unable to evacuate the injured area -- injured. said there areer 3000 and russian volunteers -- russian volunteers fighting with them. francois hollande covered many issues, saying they all affect france directly. >> these crises may be happening far from us, but they have ramifications even here. they concern us all personally. when a civil aircraft is shot down from the ukrainian sky, when the combatants of hate are trained to bring criminal acts
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here to our country, and when journalists are abducted and assassinated in appalling , that affects us all. >> francois hollande was saying that bashar al-assad cannot be a partner of the french. on the face of it, that seems to be fairly normal. only year ago, francois hollande was readying french airstrikes on damascus.
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a year ago, the biggest threat was perceived to be bashar al-assad and his dictatorship to read -- dictatorship. now, the biggest threat is perceived to be isis come a transnational group of jihadist that have been able to establish full operational control over regions straddling syria and iraq. there is now thinking that western countries and the syrian regime are de facto allies because they have a common enemy. francois hollande was putting his foot done today saying, we're not going to be fighting alongside bashar al-assad. it is going to be interesting to see how long that statement remains true. >> you mentioned this transnational nature. gallant --esident hollande have to say about libya? >> he listed a number of threats
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that he sees directly endangering france, none more so than libya. is geographically closer to france than the middle east is. libya is the object of less international attention -- it is at this point a failed state to read none of the institutions are working. the rivalry between the militias is a rivalry between the islamist and non-islamist militias. the fear is that it could become a safe haven for a number of terrorist groups. francois hollande said there are a number of terrorist factions operating in southern libya that are ready to strike. helplled on the u.n. to shore up the libyan state to make sure it does not become a springboard for attacks across europe and the region. >> thank you for those comments.
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we will go not to gaza, where there has been another encouraging sign of another cease-fire that is now in its second day. humanitarian convoy has rolled and since the first time the blockade started seven years ago. it is bringing in another food to feed a 150,000 people for five days. the truce is an open-ended one. the 50 days of fighting left 2000 people dead. outgoing president karzai may have packed a personal possessions and is ready to leave the palace, but there is no clear decision on who was going to be the new president. the two candidates vying to succeed him are stuck in a over who wonlemate the elections in june.
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abdullah pulled out of a u.n. audit of votes. he accused the audit of failing to clean out fraudulent votes. a priest from nicaragua who was suspended by the vatican 30 years ago has been welcomed back into the catholic church. he was banned by the late john paul ii for serving as the foreign for the sandinista liberation front. he wrote a letter to pope francis and that was the key that brought the ex. -- x priest back into the full. iest back into the fold. >> on wednesday, he got a warm
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welcome back from fellow church grows after pope francis lifted his suspension. >> i have never wanted to disobey the church. i have always put my conscience first. that must always take priority. my conscience told me that following jesus meant to keep on defending my people against the atrocities the empire was committing against them. >> he was prominent in the left-wing liberation theology movement. it never sat well with rome, especially with the conservative john paul ii. the vatican suspended these priests. made an attempt
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to bring these priests back. >> praise be to god and to pope francis. i'm very happy. >> well suspended from the priesthood, he remained prominent in politics, eventually serving as the head of the u.n. general assembly. >> let's take a look at our headlines. in turkey, from prime minister to president. erdogan is being sworn in right now. he is extending his more than decade-long domination of turkish politics. the president of ukraine canceled a working trip to turkey over what he calls a russian invasion of his country. he has called for a crisis meeting to figure out what to do next. francois hollande lashes out at bashar al-assad. the french president said the
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syrian leader is no partner in the fight against terrorism, but rather a jihadist ally. time to take a look at what is making headlines in the weekly news magazines. lots of focus in the magazines this week on the spread of ebola through western africa. >> that's right. the african continent as a whole is concerned very at -- concerned. africa and quarter and teen. according -- in a quarantine. according to the magazines, africa is in kind of a hysteria. the collective panic we are witnessing across africa and the world in general has led to , whichnal decisions added to the confusion. a delegation of brazilian businessman canceled the trip to
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namibia because of the virus. the closest case is some 5000 kilometers away. lights are being canceled and all of this is having an incredible effect on the economies in africa. >> let's come back to france, where the biggest story with the government reach a full -- reshuffle. >> the secret story of the government implosion. this is a political crisis that sparked an earthquake. you can see the photo of the two main actors, the prime minister and the former economy minister. the prime minister thought -- the former economic minister thought he could get away with anything, but it turned out his criticism of the government went too far. this was really the straw that
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broke the camels back. according to the magazine, the prime minister went to francois hollande and said it is the economy minister or me. minister got the boot and now he is saying you was betrayed. this article walks the line between dark humor and bad taste. it likens the story to james foley's death last week. should we be showing these images? they would like to suggest that this is all very violent. >> likening the struggle between the two men to an arm wrestling match. >> facing your revolt within the socialist party. a lot of people fear the socialist party could explode.
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is business community applauding the decision. you could be forgiven in thinking the world has turned upside down. >> one person known for his pro-business stance is the new economics minister. >> but he is not very well-known. a lot of papers are trying to figure out just who he is. in taking a look at his very impressive cv. he gives an interview this week and his first interview is already making waves because he talks about one of the touchy a subject's in france and that is the labor market. labor market reform. he said companies should be able to get around the 35 hour working week, which is a very touchy subject here. keep in mind that this interview was carried out a day before he was named economy minister. it would be fair to say that he probably knew he would be named
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economy minister. they want to know who can save france. >> a completely different story. a happy ending in the cruel world of internet trolling. >> it is he sensually bullying online. you can read about this story in "the new yorker." it is called a troll slayer. it reads a lot like a fairytale about one of the most unlikely friendships in the internet age. it is about a professor, mary beard, from cambridge university. in has won a lot of admirers her stand up against in her stand against online bullying. some mean things about her on twitter. but he did not know who he was dealing with. she fought back and re-tweeted his attack. young man found himself at the heart of a twitter storm.
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she held out and all of ranch and held out and wanted to meet the man. she went so far to write him a character reference. she did not want his prospect to be ruined by ron moment of madness. google his name, guess what comes up? it is a pretty sweet story. troll she hasonly managed to win over. >> that is interesting stuff. that look at the weekly magazines. time for sports. >> we start with tennis. tomas berdych beating leyton hewitt in straight sets to reach his place in the second round. greg or demo trial -- grigor d imitrov overcame american ryan
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harrison. ernest gulbis also through. >> i did not play a good match. i have not played well already in the first round, but i came through. he also had a great match. he did not miss anything. i only regret is my two break points in the second set. if i had won the second set, i could have played the match more relaxed. that is it. i did not give up, i did my best. it is always difficult to lose, even more and a grand slam. the women world number two ismona call-up -- halep through. peng shui.oses to
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>> i'm happy, very happy. i knew it wasn't going to be very easy, so i wanted to have a solid match to beat this player. that is what i did from the first point. i broke at a good time in the first set. i was aggressive. i will try to keep playing this way the next round. in football, arsenal reached a critical stage in the champions league for the second consecutive season. alexi sanchez got his first goal . beat. gets penalties in another match.
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to could make his debut after completing a transfer to rid -- transfer. the four-time african player of the year was released this summer. he gives a dangerous attacking option to chelsea. play i had a very good feeling when i met with roberto. everton is a club that matches my philosophy and my footballing vision. >> he also announced his retirement from international football on wednesday. he is the record goalscorer after getting 56 goals and 118 matches. madrid 32-year-old
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midfielder has announced his retirement. he won back-to-back european championships. he had a time-honored international career this month -- career. the second straight stage victory. there was an attack at the end of the 180 kilometer route, but was boxed in by the german on the frontline barrier. the australian has the overall lead of 13 seconds. to the world of equestrian games. , 86.12ividual gold medal point were scored. she won the individual and team
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gold at the last olympics and collected teams over this week. german writers once over -- riderses won silver.
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